Management Services

Management Services


Management fees include the following items:

1. The marketing presence and reputation of Real Estate Service Group Inc.
2. The expertise of one of the best property management teams in the entire

3. Twenty-four hour access to a wide array of licensed, insured maintenance

4. Access to competent, effective landlord/tenant attorneys.
5. Peace of mind.


Your property will receive maximum exposure and maximum rates of return if the following aspects are considered:

1. Property Condition: RESGI provides a free assessment of your property and makes recommendations for improvement. Generally, our comments encourage cosmetic concerns relating to painting, cleaning and flooring. Other Items such as parking, signage, common spaces, lighting & HVAC are addressed.A well-maintained property attracts better tenants, leases in a shorter time, and generally brings higher rents. Well-qualified tenants realize they are sought after and shop homes that are in good condition and offer the best value for their rent dollars. The money you “save” by not having the property in top condition will be spent on longer vacancies and the problems associated with attracting lesser qualified tenants.

2. Pets: Roughly 50% of tenants have a pet of some kind. Denying pets reduces your pool of potential renters. Therefore, consideration should be given to the various aspects of allowing pets in your units. In general Pets will reflect the owners in terms of responsibility. A responsible owner usually has a responsible pet.

  • Pet owners are normally required to provide additional security deposits.
  • Pet owners may stay longer as other property available to them is limited.
  • Allowing pets can significantly reduce the marketing time of the property.
  • Two or more pets can actually be better than one – since they provide companionship for each other and are less likely to cause damage due to boredom or anxiety.
  • Pets can create odor, allergy problems and damage problems if not properly supervised by their owners.
  • Items such as carpet generally require more frequent replacement in pet friendly properties.
  • Pet damages sometimes exceed the amount of deposits and it can be difficult to recover the excess from former tenants.

3. Lease Terms: Providing shorter term lease lengths can lead to quicker rent-up, and to higher monthly rent rates. Also providing flexible rent payment schedules can be considered.

4. Diversified Marketing: Periodically, RESGI will have unique opportunities for the client to place advertisements specific to their property. This is often results in a shorter marketing time.

5. Utilities: Consider including certain utilities for the tenants inside their basic rent rates. Often this would include high-speed data or cable. Many times, this type of package gives the needed marketing advantage over the competing properties.

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